Labyrinths (Free Single)

by Conflict North

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released August 25, 2015



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Conflict North London, UK

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Track Name: Labyrinths
Heads down, we made our mark here.
Looking to the floor as we hanged.
Our shoes are worn and blood stained from where we walked for miles.
Until our feet bled and our knees gave way.
Look how far we have come. This is the path we've made.
To get to a better destination.

Welcome home.

Been trying our whole lives to reach the sun ourselves.
Through the darkness, it's hard to see.
Can't see the light through the trees.
The smell of the wood and pine.
Motivated to stay alive.
To escape out the mundane routine.

I can't find my way to the path.

And this fog's so dense, as I guide my hands in the blindness, I stumbled upon a fence. We're all caged by boundaries.
We're all caged in our own hell.
No way out.
No escape.

And with corroded tracks, I'm sure I'll come off the rails. I'm bursting into flames, my body bends and breaks under all the weight I've carried my whole life.
The embers signify, the way I feel alive.

They can't take this away from me now.
And I can't breath anymore.
Until this very day, I still ask myself, "Can I justify what I have done?"